"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."
Henry Ford

As a business owner reading this page, you clearly recognise that your people are your most important resource, and in the same way that you insure your business premises, it makes sense to invest in their health and well being.

In addition to your legal responsibilities, you also appreciate that a healthy and stress free workforce are more engaged in their tasks, more productive, have increased concentration and are absent less – all of which contributes to the success of your business.

wolverhampton hypnosisBased on a wealth of experience in corporate training, my workshops are interactive, engaging and informative, designed to address a whole host of key workplace issues. From enhancing your employees’ ability to manage stress, helping them stop smoking, to improving their ability to deliver confident successful presentations, these workshops are a great investment in the future of your business and can be tailored to the needs of your team and business.

Workshop Programme:

The key workshops available are detailed below, but if your business issue isn’t here, the chances are my Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Coaching methods can help, so get in touch to discuss it further.

Stress Awareness Workshop – 2 hours

Delegates become aware of sources of stress in their home and working environment and learn to recognise the physical and emotional signs of stress. Come away with useful techniques to release stress suitable for both work and home environment.

Applied and Guided Relaxation Session – 2 hours

Delegates participate in a series of Applied and Guided Relaxation exercises, which have been shown to significantly reduce stress symptoms, such as High Blood Pressure, Insomnia and even chronic pain.

Stop Smoking Programme – 3 hours

A one-off workshop designed as a complete programme, teaching delegates three highly effective Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy techniques to enable them to kick their habit permanently.

Weight Management Programme – 3 x 2 hours

A series of weekly workshops combining education and coaching with proven Hypnotherapy techniques in order to identify, target and replace negative thoughts and behaviours with healthier ones.

Focus on Performance Workshop – 3 hours

Delegates look at the various dimensions of personal performance and identify the dynamics, which are holding them back. Coaching and Hypnotherapy techniques are used in order to replace negative thought–behaviour cycles with more effective ones, designed to maximise their personal effectiveness.

Public Speaking and Presentations – 2 hours

Delegates learn to identify limiting thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are impacting on their ability to speak in front of an audience and a range of Coaching and Hypnotherapy techniques to overcome them.

Increasing Personal Resilience – 2 hours

Workshop designed for individuals working in stressful environments, where enhanced personal resilience is essential to emotional survival. Delegates learn visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques to increase their ability to release personal tension and develop emotional distance.

Enhanced Sleep Workshop – 3 hours

Delegates learn to identify the thought patterns and behaviours that sustain their disturbed sleep and then practise a range of Hypnotherapy techniques to create positive sleep hygiene.

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