"Mind is everything: muscle, pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind."
Paavo Nurmi

I was over 30 when I ran my first mile on a treadmill and yet 12 months later I ran my first half marathon… something I would never have believed possible as an exercise-shy teenager. Six years later, with 11 half marathons, countless 10k’s and a marathon ambition that just won’t go away despite a dodgy knee; I am a firm believer in the saying that sporting achievement is 20% perspiration and 80% inspiration!

sports hypnosis wolverhampton To highlight how our Psychology can control our performance in Sports - ask yourself which is more surprising... Roger Bannister running a sub 4-minute mile when the experts said it couldn't be done? Or the fact that in the 18 months following his achievement, 45 other runners did the same?

When we believe the "impossible" is "possible", truly amazing things happen, and the power of the mind is being increasingly recognised by elite professionals in every sporting field. From Tiger Wood's golfing prowess, to Sir Alex Ferguson's premiership glory, to Paula Radcliffe's preparation for London 2012;the use of Hypnosis techniques such as visualisation and achievement rehearsal, are often cited as critical to sporting success.

Whatever your chosen sport, your approach to your sport is as unique as you are, so my approach will be tailored to your individual needs; providing maximum impact on your performance. Using a wide range of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Visualisation and Coaching techniques, we will work together to;

Whether your sport of choice is Distance Running, Football, High Board Diving or Mountain Biking (to name just a few), my clients generally begin to see improvement after only one session, so contact me today to make your ambitions a reality!

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