"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."
Leo Tolstoy

Welcome to my website and congratulations…. to have read this far, you have already taken a first positive step in the direction of getting control back over your health, happiness and wellbeing!

So you may be wondering, what brought me into Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy?

My first experience of this highly effective therapy came nearly 16 years ago, due to an extreme spider phobia, whilst studying for my degree in Psychology. The mere mention of the little critters would bring on a range of very real physical symptoms, heart racing, palms sweating and extreme nausea.

A friend suggested Hypnosis and whilst initially sceptical, I was willing to try anything! The Hypnotherapist used a range of applied relaxation techniques, coping statements (cognitive techniques) and controlled exposure (behavioural techniques) to put me back in control. The final session culminated with me holding a Tarantula named Freda at London Zoo and I still proudly display the photograph of this in my practice today.

I was amazed by two things; firstly that it had actually worked in only a few sessions and secondly, that Hypnosis felt nothing like I had expected. I remained aware of everything during the sessions but was deeply relaxed and absorbed in my therapist’s voice; through this, I became able to control and “turn down” my own fear levels.

Years later, I once again turned to Hypnotherapy whilst suffering from painful and often life controlling IBS symptoms. After a few sessions I learned a number of techniques to minimise the pain of an attack and to reduce the stress that usually triggered it. Once again Hypnosis had given me my life back!

Most recently, I underwent a course of antenatal Hypnotherapy to get me through a tough pregnancy and to give me strength and confidence in the lead up to the birth of my baby. Thank you once again Hypnosis!

These experiences, coupled with a 14-year corporate career in Coaching, Consultancy and Training; where I witnessed first hand the impact of modern life on our health and wellbeing; have inspired me to become part of the solution. Following an extensive period of training, I now gain a great deal of satisfaction from helping my clients achieve their therapy goals and ultimately improve their lives, through the power of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis.

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Natalie Adams

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